Sunday, 3 November 2013

The Introduction of the New A4 Bags

At the first glance, these just rectangular shaped bags fastened with the zip. The best position to hold it is under one arm. Popularity of A4 is such that even the world’s top footballer Cristiano Ronaldo loves them. These oversized clutches have become the bag of choice even at the most prestigious Milan fashion shows. 

Prevalent even in the corporate world, these women designer bags are more likely to be called the “document holders.” They are available in A4 sized receptacles have successfully replaced the bulky bags. The editor of the Grazia, the fashion magazine, Jane Bruton had noticed the trend where redundant handled bags were styled as clutches. Even she stopped using the handles.
Founding to be similar to Donatella Versace’s new handbag philosophy, it was the Palazzo bag, a hold all that could be folded seamlessly into a clutch. The models in a catwalk show wore both its variations. Besides, Emporia Armani had introduced them in appliqué leather, pleated silks and sequins. These fashion handbags were all available in A4 shape. 

The new handbag means business. It is lighter, bigger and more fashionable than a regular bag. It can be kept on the lap and it is an easy access to iPads, flat shoes, and show tickets. Most hotshot fashion magazine editors have already made the transition from the clutch to these. The reason cited was that things like lipstick, money and phones were crammed in that pocket sized bag. There is too much technology and too little space. The Wholesale Designer Women Handbags agrees that the big clutch is the new solution and it is fabulous in every way.
Another trend that came prominent in the Milan fashion week was the “male clutch” that was displayed by a few male models in Milan. Despite being fashionable, some critics said that the whole concept was a “retro feminist step.” Coco Chanel adding the chain handle to the bag was to ensure women were hands free. Here accessory is the key and the bag just screams that it is the next best thing happening in the fashion world.

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Tips to Spot Fake Women Designer Bags

women designer bags
Nowadays, numerous stores have come up that claims to sell designer handbags for women at affordable price. In actuality, very few of them actually do so while most of the stores sell fake bags. However, as a buyer, you won't recognize the fake one at a first glance and for that you need to look into the original products in details. There are few guiding tips that can actually save you from making an investment on fake women designer bags. Take a look into those tips and buy the best designer bag for yourself:-

  • Check the quality of the product – check the edge as well as the linen used for the bag you choose. A branded bag will not have any thread hanging off the sides and the linen will not be thinner  in quality. If you found these faults in the chosen bag, be sure that the bag is a fake one. Moreover, real branded bags will not have nameplates stuck with prongs.
  • Compare the products – Take a real branded bag and compare it with the fake ones available in the market. You will see remarkable differences in both the products. There will be a difference in the color shade as well as in the size of the bag.
  • Check the productcarefully – In a real designer leather bag, the leather strip should say “Leatherwear”. If the strip doesn’t say so, it means the bag is a fake one. Hence, do make it a point to check the strip carefully.
  • Colors are different – The fake designer bags are sometimes available in different colors which the real bags might not offer in their collection or haven’t created any design on that particular shade. 

Wholesale Designer Women HandBags

Hence, these factors actually help you to identify the fake ones available in the market. If you can’t follow these guidelines properly, you can refer to the Internet. Numerous websites are there that provide essential tips in identifying fake designer bags. There is market place selling wholesale designer women handbags. Next when you visit such market, these factors will save you from making investments in wrong place.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Tips to choose the best handbag for your dear one

Women are really fond of designer hand bags. Even though they have many numbers of bags in their wardrobe, they are still attracted towards new designer handbags. Nowadays, a lot many varieties of designer handbags are available in the market which will attract women. Each one of them looks diverse in most of the aspects even though their purpose is the same. Considering some simple tips will help you choose the best bag for your dear ones.

Leather is the some common and expensive material which is used to make handbags. As it the popular type of handbag, you can see a millions of designs of leather handbags in the store. Make sure to choose the best quality leather, as it will last for a good number of years. Do not go for cheapest leather handbags. If you are looking for cheapest handbags, you can choose for handbags made of cotton cloth material and even plastic coated bags.

Be it any type of expensive bag, you must make sure that the handbag suits your personality. Not all designs will be suitable for all women. It will be great to choose a colour that you don’t have. Apart from all, make sure to purchase the handbag from a reputed online store. A lot many scams are available these days, so you must be very well aware of the website’s reputation before purchasing it.

Elabyela is a number one Wholesale Designer Women Handbags dealer who offers different variety of handbags for women. Going through their website will offer you a wide variety collection of designer handbags.

Elabyela, being the number one wholesale designer women handbags dealers offers a good collection of handbags. Here are some tips to purchase the best designer handbag for your dear ones.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Find right kind of Fashion, style, design and art for your handbags

Handbags have their own class and grace. They add to the style and exhibit their own fashion statement. Women adore handbags that are colorful, stylish and classy. Among various materials used in the manufacturing of the handbags, leather holds its undisputed command and position in the market.

Leather is known for its strength and durability. And designers all over the world use that to their product advantage. Some reputed brands like,, present their clients with unique and wide range of collections in leather handbags. Ela by Ela, as a brand has excelled in the field of fashion handbags by producing word class premium collections at an excellent price range.

The main thing that adds a grace to a handbag is its color. Designers all over the world understand this fact very well. They are bullish with their designs and imaginative with their color schemes. Some great artwork is found these days on the modern handbags, reflecting the acceptance of the customers to these diverse and creative themes.

For the customers who are looking for the purchase of handbags, the best place to shop from is Wholesale designer handbags joints.  

 Customers can select and choose from the wide range of collections that is present in these stores. They can assess and evaluate the quality, and can make their choice as per their stipulated budgets. Fashion is a class that is well defined if it is gracefully displayed. And at reputed shops like Ela By Ela, the fashion comes alive in its most prominent way.